Bird sounds and calls


Steve’s enthusiasm is infectious. “Can you hear that in the distance?” he says. It’s the first whitethroat he has heard since last July. Our base, Flatford Mill on the Essex-Suffolk border, is one of 17 Field Studies Centres in Britain that sit in areas rich in wildlife habitat. As the location for some of Constable’s most famous paintings, the area ...

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Gold’s Gym Franchisee Settles Overtime Wages Case for $625,000


Plaintiffs in this case first alleged in December 2013 that Gold’s Texas Holdings Group, a franchisee group of Gold’s Gym International, misclassified personal trainers as exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. This photo is not of one of the Gold’s Texas locations. (Photo courtesy of Gold’s Gym International.) Gold’s Texas Holdings Group Inc. recently reached a $625,000 settlement with more than 80 of ...

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6 Ways to Save Money Shopping on Amazon


One of the best places to find a deal online is Amazon. However, not everything is the bargain it appears to be. Just as in the offline world, doing a little research pays. Check out these tips to ensure you’re getting a great deal while navigating the virtual aisles at Amazon. 1. Shop the bargain bins Look for what you ...

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'Gender disappointment': Coping with the 'wrong' baby


These range from mild shock to more difficult emotions – many report breaking down in tears during their scan. One blogger at the extreme end of the scale considered terminating her son, had she been able to without anyone knowing. Geraldine Holden, content editor of Mumsnet, says “gender disappointment” is a popular topic, with more than 400 threads, some running ...

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FBI Can Now Search Almost Any Computer


Federal agents now have even greater scope for spying on computers belonging to regular citizens, thanks to a controversial amendment that passed into law as of Dec. 1, 2016. The long-standing Rule 41 governs how the FBI can search and seize property thought to be involved with crime. Its most recent amendment expands the search remit to include remote access ...

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Animal shelters overrun with guinea pigs after G-Force film


The CGI film about guinea pigs who are secret agents, voiced by Nicholas Cage and Penelope Cruz, allegedly prompted a huge demand for the pets when it was released a year ago. PDSA, the animal charity, warned parents not to be tempted into buying pets without thinking seriously about the long term responsibilities. A spokeswoman said: “A rise in guinea ...

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Graham Norton's problem page


I have a fantastic relationship with my daughter and would hate her to think I’d been snooping. But surely I can’t let this go on? Anita K, Newcastle Dear Anita Never look for something you don’t want to find. You have opened a door into a very complicated world and now you can’t shut it. As I see it, here ...

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Lava Shells massage: Shell out for this relaxing treat


Nothing much surprises me when it comes to massage. I’ve been pummelled with hands, elbows, feet; on the floor, in swimming pools, on hay. But when I heard about a massage using hot tiger-striped clam shells I rolled my eyes. The Lava Shells massage sounded like the next hot stones – and they never really set me on fire. So ...

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The Best Soundbar Under $250


We tested the Yamaha YAS-106 (1), Samsung HW-K450 (2), Vizio SB3821-D6 (3), JBL Boost TV (4) and LG SH6 (5).  Soundbars offer an affordable, better-sounding alternative to the built-in speakers on today’s ultra-thin TVs. The tiny speaker arrays in flat-panel displays simply aren’t capable of moving enough air to reliably deliver clear dialog, swelling music and explosive sound effects. To ...

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Ten products to get your body beach ready


Who hasn’t prayed for a machine that could melt away love handles or muffin tops? A full liposuction cosmetic surgery procedure costs thousands of pounds and requires a recovery period of months. But the new Evita Slimsonic “body wellness system” promises to do the same thing within the comfort of your home and at a fraction of the cost. Using ...

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